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Everything Has Its Place

Those that personally know me, knows that being organized is extremely important. “Everything has it’s place,” is my motto! In teaching this to Elizabeth, I explain to her, if you put something back where it should go, you will find it the next time you need it. Well….it doesn’t always go that way!

Taking this into a deeper reflection…..

Everything in our life….has its place….Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

There are circumstances in our life that we will be able to handle on our own. But we will encounter situations when we need to place our burdens in the Lord’s hands. And this…is the place.

To turn over our burdens is to release them. God will hold them. God will handle them. And if they need to be returned, God will give them back.

Do you find yourself holding onto something that you perhaps, need to give to the Lord? If so…. find its perfect place, in Him.