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My daughter has a tendency to say “I’m sorry” for everything, regardless of whether it was her fault or not.  From an early age, I have taught her that no matter what she does, I will always love her and not get made if she tells me the truth.  Well, her apologizes are so frequent and nonchalant, I wonder, has she lost touch with the significance of true mercy and forgiveness?  She is still a child, so we will get there!

But as Christian adults, we have the ability to understand the empowerment of God’s mercy and forgiveness, especially when we are seeking God’s healing over our wrong choices.  Daniel 9:9 refers to “rebellion,” a very strong word, but perhaps, very appropriate.  When we knowingly and willingly disobey God, then we are rebelling.  But the emphasis of today’s Scriptural message is that God will still love us, no matter what we have done, and despite our rebellious actions.  God is, and remains, a merciful and forgiving Father.