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The Spiritual Plant

For those who know me, you know that I do not have a green thumb at all! While growing up, we were surrounded with lots of beautiful house plants, I have never been able to master this skill. That is….. until recently. I have been gifted two plants last year, which, unbelievably, still exhibits signs of life! I credit this to the fact that the plant tells me when it needs water. As soon as the flowers and stems start to wither, I water it, and an hour later, back to life! Now, these are the plants I love!

When it comes to our spiritual health, are our stems standing strong or are they withering? Are the petals falling off? Is our spiritual plant exhibiting signs of distress? Like humans need nourishment to survive, we too, need to continuously be spiritually nourished. This includes prayer, taking a few moments to engage in conversation with God, reading Scripture, going to church, or even playing Christian music. By surrounding ourselves with everything and anything that is spiritual, we can continue to maintain and develop this aspect of our life.

So, who needs to water their spiritual plant?