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Turn Up the Music

On my way to work last week I heard the song, “How You Live (Turn Up The Music)” by Point of Grace. I was so touched by the lyrics of the song, reminding me that life is short and we need to live our life to the fullest. I was so moved by this song, I repeated it over and over again on my ride to the hospital, reflecting and appreciating every word. Little did I know that through this song, God was preparing me for a powerful pastoral visit I would encounter that day, a young mother who just learned she had terminal cancer.

We are often so consumed with our “yesterdays” and our “tomorrows” that we forget about our “todays.” We will call our family….tomorrow. We will visit…tomorrow. We talk about our “should haves,” but fail to rectify our regrets. And then one day, we receive the call we never expected. Or perhaps, someone will get that call about us?

How do we live?

How do you live?

How do you want to live?

Turn up the music. It is not too late.