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Our Ministry Services

Women's Walk of Faith Ministries, Inc. provides the following faith events:

  • Bible Studies:
    Bible study series on several faith or biblical related topics.

  • Charity Events:
    Our ministry is available to participate in or help organize charity events.

  • Children’s Ministry:
    Various Christian-based activities for children of all ages.

  • Community Forums / Social Media Groups:
    Our ministry will help facilitate a network of Ladies of Faith within surrounding communities and social media forums.

  • Conferences:
    A full service ladies’ one-day or two day conference/retreat at your place of Worship. Cost of conference includes lunch, supplies, and a nominal ministry donation, and is personalized for each event according to the needs and practices of the Church.  Learn More about our “Her Faithful Journey” retreat.

  • Devotionals:
    Daily Devotions and Weekend Reflections featuring a Scripture of the Day to email subscribers.

  • Ministry Contributions:
    Proceeds and donations will be used to sustain the ministry and provide support to women and children in need, and to other non-profit organizations who support our vision.

  • Prayer Groups:
    Ministry Director and volunteers are available to pray for those in need.

  • Speakers:
    Speakers are available for Church conferences, retreats, or for community outreach programs.

Learn More

To learn more about our ministry services, please contact us using the form below, or setup a meeting with us.

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    "Her Faithful Journey" Retreat

    “Her Faithful Journey” is a one day full service ladies’ reflection retreat.  Topics include:

    Faith Talk #1 - "Opening Our Hearts to Faith"

    Our Heavenly Father calls us each by name and invites us to participate in a beautiful journey of faith that will change how we embark upon all our current and future circumstances.

    Faith Talk #2 - "The Faithful Woman"

    God wants us to be faithful women in all of our relationships.  Our Christian example should serve as an inspiration to others, in their quest for faith in their own personal situations.

    Faith Talk #3 - "Faith Within"

    Forgiving ourselves even when the Lord has forgiven us can sometimes be difficult.  God invites us to let go and cleanse our hearts, strengthening our confidence and self-worth as Godly and faithful women.

    Faith Talk #4 - "A Gift of Faith"

    Finding faith in the midst of a storm oftentimes seems impossible.  God, who has a special gift of faith waiting for us when the storm subsides, is revealed to us as our anchor.

    Faith Talk #5 - "Letting Go with Faith"

    Letting go of our past failures, disappointments, and insecurities is often difficult and challenging as we partake in our faithful journey.  Through spiritual reflection, you will experience a renewed spirit by letting go with faith.

    Faith Talk #6 - "A Faithful Journey"

    Maintaining faith in every aspect of our daily life requires a great deal of patience and commitment.  Discover how God has a special plan for each one of us, which will be revealed to us during our journey.